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Back in the early 90's I hadn't even heard of the internet and knew nothing about bespoke outreach or link building, instead I loved doodling on my math homework assignments.

Although the teachers were always upset with me for drawing anything but numbers on my math homework sheets, my mother loved my little pictures.

An Example of My Illustrations

Infographic example

Example Illustration

Years rolled by and my drawings started to improve, until one day I traded in my pencils for a 70 lb. desktop computer.

It was a bit different then drawing with my crayolas, but as I got used to the perfection of pixels colourful cartoons started springing up all over the web.

I was soon hired by individuals and agencies to illustrate their infographics, was introduced to the sphere of digital marketing, and my fledgling link outreach career began.

Fast Forward to 2023!

When I dont have my face buried in my laptop examining backlink profiles in Ahrefs, I still enjoy drawing, either for fun or for clients needing a cute cartoon or illustration.

I also enjoy travel, a nice refreshing country walk and lots of lattes.

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